Enforcing a Mediated Settlement Agreement in Texas When a Registered Sex Offender is Involved

A mediated settlement agreement, especially in divorce cases, can help both parties in so many aspects. Choosing to work out an agreement outside the courtroom rather than having a judge decide on the case will enable the parties to save money and time. Having an agreement also lets the parties plot the course of the future of their family. This is also favored by judges since it entails the reduction of trials and hearings on temporary orders that they must oversee. The only exception is when there is the involvement of children in the case because a judge must still ensure that the settlement agreements are in the child’s best interests. In Re: Stephanie Lee Most settlement agreements are not changed by judges who are to sign them. However, a recent case that happened in Houston, where two judges who were assigned to the case refused to sign and honor an agreement due to the fact that they believed it was not for the best interest of the children. The name of this…

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