Enforcing a Child Custody Order

Child custody agreements are often complex. They may spell out who the child will live with, who the child will spend weekends with, who the child will spend vacations and holidays with, and so on. Parents might not like the terms of the agreement, but once the court issues a child custody order those terms must be obeyed. If either parent violates a custody order the other parent may enforce it in court. Common Custody Order Violations Actions that constitute violations of a child custody agreement include: Not respecting visitation rights. Divorced couples do not always respect the other parent’s scheduled time with their child. For example, the noncustodial parent might bring the child back home later than the agreed-upon time, or the custodial parent might schedule an activity that prevents the child from visiting with the other parent. Attempts to alienate the other parent. Even though divorced parents might not feel warmly toward each other, courts expect them…

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