End of an era

Yesterday Sir James Munby retired. Also, it was my birthday this week. I am old. Not as old as Sir James, but old nonetheless. Also, it was Pink Tape’s birthday this month. She is 11 years old. For a good chunk of Pink Tape’s life (since 2013) I have been writing and ranting about the latest Munby judgment, View or practice guidance. And for a good while now Sir James has been reading my blog and other legal blogs, and I hope they have in some small way contained some useful insights that have nudged things in a different direction. From time to time legal blogs and bloggers get a specific mention in a Munby judgment or speech. Earlier this year Sir James confirmed that he read blogs like Pink Tape, The Transparency Project and Suesspicious Minds daily, which is simultaneously daunting and gratifying. Whenever I have met Sir James he has been gracious about my grumbling about various of his reforms – and teased me by letting me know he has read them, sometimes…

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