End of an Era: Tom Bruce, Trailblazing Director of LII, to Retire after 27 Years

It is possible that no one was more influential in shaping the universe of online access to legal information than Tom Bruce. Way back in 1992 — a year before the launch of the World Wide Web and when only scraps of legal information could be found on the Internet — Tom and colleague Peter Martin founded the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School, with the goal of making the law available to everyone online, for free. So ahead of his time was Tom that, when the LII first began to publish legal materials on the web, Tom had to create a web browser, Cello, because there was no browser then that worked with Windows, even though that was the operating system used by most legal professionals. Today, Tom announced that he will retire June 30. Taking over to lead the LII are Sara Frug, who will direct the LII’s technical efforts, and Craig Newton, who will be in charge of the editorial and outreach facets of the organization. To this old-timer…

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