Employment Law-Related Bills Continue Springing Along in General Assembly

If April Showers bring May…Oh never mind. In Connecticut, April might as well mean that the General Assembly is getting serious about the bills under consideration.  All the proposals that make headlines in February mean nothing until committees start to vote on the bills and the bills start getting the spotlight on them. Usually by now, we start to see a significant fall off between aspirational goals and practical bills. Not this year. Right now, however, it feels like there is still so much in play.  Things are changing rapidly so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to look at each bill individually.  But beyond the Paid FMLA and the Minimum Wage bills that have gotten the most press, there are still several others that are worth following. SHB 6913 would make massive changes to the state’s non-compete laws. The current version would limit non-competes to one year unless special circumstances would apply. Non-competes would also be unenforceable…

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