Empire prep: Tips for taking the New York bar exam

Three years of blood, sweat, and tears in law school have led you this point – preparing to sit for the New York bar exam. You will undoubtedly spend 8-12 hours a day over an 8-10 week period, closing yourself off from family, friends, and the world to ingrain the law into your brain (i.e. the “beloved” Rule Against Perpetuities) for what is without-a-doubt the most important exam of your career. Approximately 10,000 individuals brave the New York bar exam in July, and approximately 4,000 individual brave it in February. Once you know your location (Buffalo, Albany, White Plains, NYC, etc.), but before you start planning your post-bar vacation, get the following tips on your checklist: Book your hotel accommodations early This tip may not seem so obvious at first thought. But think about it. You find out your testing location about 7 weeks before the exam, and generally the Board of Law Examiners will not allow you to change locations, even if seats in…

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