Email Monitoring Expectations Take Toll On Mental Health

Email monitoring expectations adversely affect mental health, and in-house lawyers are in the crosshairs. Many Biglaw lawyers believe these expectations are minimized once they reach the sunshine and rainbows of in-house life, but in-house lawyers will beg to differ. “The irony of technology isn’t lost on many. It frees us in lots of ways, but also it tethers us, ironically, in perhaps even more. We can work from home or from the park, but this also means that it’s much harder to turn off at a given hour. A new study from Virginia Tech looks at how just the expectation of having to answer work emails during non-work hours is linked to anxiety and poorer health, and can even affect the quality of our relationships.” Read: The Pressure Of Answering Work Emails At Night Takes Toll On Mental Health, Study Finds at Forbes

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