Elder Drivers, Driving Privileges and Safer Roads — Do we need regulation?

Senior citizens and driving regulation. Driving a motor vehicle is a privilege and not a right. Driving a vehicle in Florida is legally the operation of a “dangerous instrumentality”. Why? Motor vehicles injure and kill people every day. It is that simple. That is why we have laws requiring drivers to pass a driving test, be licensed by the state and carry insurance. I have some time before I am one of society’s senior citizens, but as I see those around me changing with age, I understand that in some respects our responsibilities increase as we get older. As we age, our reaction time changes and our vision and driving skills deteriorate. Florida has an exceptionally large population of senior citizens.  Nationwide, millions of senior drivers travel the roadways. How do we deal with the combination of a “dangerous instrumentality” being driven by seniors in our society? Do we establish an age at which you can no longer drive? Do we require…

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