EFF Statement at WIPO Development Agenda Meeting in Geneva

“We support the call for WIPO to initiate discussions on how to facilitate access to knowledge and technology for developing countries and LDCs to foster creativity and innovation, and to facilitate IP-related aspects of ICT for growth and economic, social
and cultural development. It is essential that national and international copyright and patent laws provide an environment that is conducive both to technology innovation and human development. Copyright exceptions and limitations are essential for access to knowledge by students, universities and libraries. They are also needed to create innovative new information and communication technologies that promote open
knowledge sharing such as robust content hosting platforms like YouTube, Internet search engines, collaborative tools such as wikis used to create the Wikipedia global encyclopedia, and mobile content delivery technologies. These technologies offer new opportunities for
development and distance education. Creating the environment for innovation requires exceptions and limitations to copyright rights, a thorough understanding of the impact of overbroad technological protection measure regimes on technology innovation, and tailored …

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