EB2 Schedule A Nurse Manager Green Card Approval for Filipina Client in Houston Texas

CASE: I-485 Adjustment of Status / I-140 (EB-2 Category) / Schedule A EMPLOYER: Nursing Care Facility BENEFICIARY: Filipina LOCATION: Houston, TX Our client is in the United States on an H-4 visa. Her prospective employer-sponsor was willing to petition her for a second-preference employment immigrant visa petition (I-140). Since she has a registered nurse license and the proffered position for her is a nurse manager at the nursing care facility, the petitioner wanted to go for a “Schedule A” classification. They also wanted to do EB2 (requiring at least a Masters degree or Bachelors degree + 5 yrs experience). The Department of Labor (DOL) maintains a schedule of occupations in its regulations, Schedule A included, for which the individual permanent labor certification procedure is not required. The schedule of pre-certified occupations is referred to as Schedule A, and is included in DOL regulations at 20 CFR 656.10. Based on an occupation’s inclusion on…

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