EAC: Lunch meeting with CEO of Vueling on June 16, 2011 in Brussels

by Sara M. Langston with the blog faculty Source: European Aviation Club Dear Friends and Colleagues, You are cordially invited to a lunch meeting on June 16, 2011 with: Mr. Alex CRUZ CEO of Vueling "European Short Haul: The Final Phase" A little bit over 10 years ago, the short haul revolution started in Europe injecting new and more efficient flying, stimulating new passengers and slowly beginning a substitution effect with traditional airlines. And now, every European major (and nearly every world major?) is looking at alternatives. Vueling has surfaced as the only proven tool to profitably and formally support the last phase of the short haul substitution in Europe. We will explain how and who is likely to benefit. VENUE: Sheraton Hotel, Place Rogier 3, 1210 Brussels Drinks will be served from 12.00 and lunch starts at 12.30 hours See Registration Form here

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