Dubious Achievement

If I were a card-carrying member of the American Bar Association — and I am not — I would tear up my membership card and mail it back to the bozos who decided to name Alberto R. Gonzales, disgraced former attorney general, as the ABA Journals “Lawyer of the Year.” The ABA Journal is the bar associations official publication. And its award, which is neither a joke nor an attempt at sarcasm, was meant to acknowledge Gonzaless unique role in 2007 as the lawyer who made the most news. Instead, it stands as an affront to every honest, competent, hard-working lawyer in America, in and out of goverment, who did not act like an idiot before Congress, or display an appalling lack of courage and integrity in dealing with both subordinates and superiors, or leave to his successor and the nation a bloody mess that may take years to clean

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