Drug Injury Watch: 2017 Collection Of Articles / Blog Posts

  Written by: Heather Helmendach, Legal Assistant Law Offices of Thomas J. Lamb, P.A.   At the Law Offices of Thomas J. Lamb, we are committed to providing up-to-date information on matters pertaining to drug injury law.  Over the course of 2017, we have reviewed countless medical studies and journals, and reported the significant medical, legal, and regulatory developments through our two blogs. Attorney Tom Lamb's blog, Drug Injury Watch, consists of articles related to serious side effects of prescription drugs, and major developments in some of the current drug litigations. My blog, Drug Safety Developments, reports and elaborates on the information contained in medical and legal news concerning the safety of brand-name prescription drugs. Below, I have provided an index of the articles published on the Drug Injury Watch blog in 2017.  These articles are organized categorically, and listed in the following…

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