Drivers File Right of Access Claim Against Uber Over Failure To Disclose Driving Data

GDPR right of access applies in the work context too. Four Uber drivers from London, Nottingham and Glasgow claim Uber has breached their rights by failing to disclose personal data the firm holds on them in breach of the right of access under Art 15. GDPR. The information includes: Duration of time logged on to the platform (to calculate monies owed to the drivers in holiday pay and minimum wage back pay) GPS data (to calculate total operating costs including revenue and non revenue earning time and distance) Performance data including suspensions from the platform (to understand how performance was monitored and managed over time) Profiling information and details on how such data is processed, for example in automated dispatch decision making (to understand how drivers were profiled by the firm and the impact this may have had on the work offered over time) Trip ratings (to enable an appeal unfair ratings as a low rating causes dismissal). The claim was made following a…

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