Double jeopardy, public policy and a filing on the Seattle consent decree

Dismissal overturned because of suspension for same offenseArbitrator Michael Paolucci sustained, in substantial part, a grievance filed on behalf of a Euclid, Ohio police officer. The City of Euclid, Ohio and Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 18.The grievances involved three separate incidents, all arising from grievant's off duty conduct and included allegations of domestic violence, violation of a protective order  and theft or failure  to pay for certain appliances grievant allegedly took from a house he was renting. Arbitrator Paolucci found that two of the three incidents was either unproven or termination too severe for the alleged offenses. On the third, the arbitrator found that grievant's plea of guilty to a charge of persistent disorderly conduct made serious discipline "fair." However, because the Chief had already suspended grievant for 15 days, the limit of the Chief's disciplinary authority, the subsequent action of the Mayor…

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