Dorothy's Not In Kansas Anymore: Public Domain Film Posters With Slogans Found To Infringe

Good post on a copyright litigation involving the use of film posters in the public domain from the Wizard of Oz on the Patentlyo blog here. For those interested in character licensing, dead celebrities, and the Supreme Court's warning in Dastar Corporation v. 20th Century Fox Film Corporation et al., 539 U.S. 23 (2003) that trademark and copyright law should not be combined to create a mutant species of copyright law that lives forever, tune in to Warner Bros. v. X One X. Purchase Copyright Litigation Handbook 2010 by Raymond J. Dowd from West here // Copyright Litigation Handbook (West 5th Ed. 2010) by Raymond J. Dowd Purchase on and Westlaw (Directory: COPYLITIG)

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