Don’t Forget to Include Client Responsibilities in Your Fee Agreement

Your attorney fee agreement should not only state your responsibilities as the attorney, it should also include a provision setting out the client’s responsibilities. Check out these sample provisions. An agreement required by Bus & P C §6148 must set out the “respective responsibilities of the attorney and the client as to the performance of the contract.” Bus & P C §6148(a)(3). When it comes to your responsibilities as attorney, you could include a provision like this example: “Attorney will _ _[e.g., perform the legal services called for under this agreement, keep Client informed of progress and developments, and respond promptly to Client’s inquiries and communications]_ _.” But that’s just one side of the relationship. You need to set out the client’s responsibilities, too. The client responsibilities provision can be something short like this: Client will _ _[e.g., be truthful and…

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