Don't fall for it

Life can be a real grind, can't it?  Get to work 10 hour days, get to pay taxes to work, get to work overtime (whether you get paid for it, is another story), get to pay a mortgage (or rent, as the case may be).  It wears on you.Have you ever, while you're grinding away, thought how nice it would be to win the lottery?  A life of luxury.  Just image all the cheese you could buy?  And that mortgage?  All would be taken care of.  A pipe dream, to be sure, but just imagine if you had all that cash?Then there are those who get too greedy for their own good.  Take, for instance the guy we had in here a while back.  He got an email from someone in Nigeria. Seems Nigerian is looking for a kind soul who will help him funnel  $10,000,000 out of the country so he can start his own shoe factory.  All they need is $100 to open a checking account so they can start the process.Now, I can hear you snickering.  I mean,…

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