Don’t Accept the Position of Trustee of a Special Needs Trust Before You Answer These 5 Questions

If someone asks you to serve as trustee of a Special Needs Trust set up for someone with special needs, you should consider that a great honor. That means the family trusts and respects you. But, before you accept the job, you need to understand that it comes with great responsibility.  To understand that responsibility, ask yourself these 5 questions: Can I read the Special Needs Trust? The Special Needs Trust is the document where you will find almost everything you need to know. It tells you what you should do with the money or property in the trust that you will be required to manage. Make sure that you can read the trust and fully understand it. If you have questions, ask to have an appointment with the attorney who drafted the trust.  If you ask to see the trust and are refused, you should definitely decline the position. That would be like accepting a job before you know what you are required to do. What are the goals of the Grantor—-the Person who…

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