Domestic Violence – Let’s Look at the Local Statistics!

Domestic Violence – No More Silence The number of reported domestic violence cases has dramatically increased over the years since the domestic violence statute went into effect in Ohio in 1978. These numbers shocked me, even as a divorce lawyer who entered the practice back in 1978. Chief Montgomery County Magistrate Keith Hall recently reported the following: In 1978 there were 35 Civil Domestic Violence Filings In 1979 there were 50 Civil Domestic Violence Filings In 2016 there were 1,400 Civil Domestic Violence Filings In 2017 there were 1,710 Civil Domestic Violence Filings Believe it or not, this number of Civil Domestic Violence Filings in 2017 EXCEEDED the total number of divorces and dissolutions combined that year! To try to help put this in context, I interviewed Jane Keiffer, MSW, LISW, the Executive Director of the Artemis Center in Dayton.  Ms. Keiffer explained that she did not interpret these numbers to mean necessarily that MORE domestic violence was…

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