Domestic Violence and the Dangers of Gaslighting

You and your boyfriend are having a heated argument with a close male friend you have. Your boyfriend claims that your friend likes you in an intimate manner and demands that you stop talking to him immediately. This frowned upon friendship dates back to your college years and you don’t want to break up such a long friendship over something you find to be a rather dumb argument. But, you love your boyfriend and don’t want to lose him. After some time to think, you agree to end the friendship. It was the most difficult thing you ever had to do. Weeks later, your boyfriend asks how your former friend is. When you tell him that you stopped talking to that friend per his request, your boyfriend says, “What? I never told you to do that. You’re crazy!” Your heart skips a beat… Does this situation sound familiar? If so, then you might be the victim of an emotionally abusive relationship. The scenario above is known as gaslighting. According to the…

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