Does That Certificate Of Insurance Really Say You Are Covered?

If someone operates an aircraft that is insured by another party (e.g. a lessee leasing the aircraft from the aircraft owner or another operator of the aircraft where that lessor has an existing policy insuring the aircraft) and the lessee doesn't obtain its own insurance coverage, one option is to be added to the existing policy as an "additional insured." In this situation, the lessee typically receives a "certificate of insurance" that identifies the applicable insurance policy, the policy limits, coverage, that the lessee is an additional insured and other provisions that the lessee expects are included in the insurance policy. One issue that has recently become more common than I would like arises when the certificate of insurance does not always identify the coverage the lessee/additional insured expects and needs. For example, the certificate will state that the additional insured is covered for operations by the "insured." However,…

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