Does Divorce Affect Boys and Girls Differently?

The short answer is yes, boys and girls generally react to their parents’ divorces in different ways. Like nearly every other question about divorce, though, a more accurate answer is that every case is different, and every child is different, so a parent cannot expect his or her child to react to his or her divorce in a specific way based solely on the child’s gender. Instead, a child’s gender can be used as a guideline to anticipate the way he or she might react to the divorce process and a way to understand why the child feels the way he or she does. Your Child Is More than His or Her Gender There are a lot of factors that can play a role in how your child will react to your divorce, such as: Your child’s age; Your child’s gender; The circumstances of the divorce; and Your child’s personality. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Child Psychology found no difference between how adolescent boys and adolescent girls react to…

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