Does Artificial Intelligence Discriminate at Work?

Early indicators say yes. Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of serving as a moderator at the American Bar Association’s 2019 National Symposium of Technology in Labor and Employment Law.  I moderated a panel of three brilliant lawyers talking about Artificial Intelligence in the workplace.  And, as those of us in attendance learned, it’s a brave new world out there. A picture of the panel with me on the right looking mildly bewildered. If you are like me, before being invited to attend this panel, I was not really aware that companies were using or dabbling in using AI in recruiting and hiring.  However, late last year various news outlets reported that Amazon had been using Artificial Intelligence in its recruiting.   By the time the news broke, Amazon had scrapped the program because, unbelievably, it was discriminating against women!  Kudos to Amazon for doing away with a bad program but there are not doubt others out there…

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