Doctors Test Brain Injury Protein for Quicker Diagnosis

If tests being conducted at the Cleveland Clinic are successful, then in the future, testing for a traumatic brain injury could simply be a matter of administering an easy and inexpensive blood test. Doctors at the clinic are developing a test that will determine the presence of a protein that is released into the bloodstream after a person suffers a brain injury. Doctors are currently testing the blood of local college football athletes to determine the presence of the protein. They believe that a test that can look for levels of the protein can help diagnose concussions. The researchers are trying to determine a predictive value for the protein which a test can then evaluate. Current methods of diagnosing brain injury involve the use of a CT scanner. These scans are expensive, and may also fail to detect slight bleeding and other signs of a brain injury. A traumatic brain injury in a maritime workplace can often be the result of a fall accident. In fact, fall accidents are some of the most common factors in maritime brain injuries. These accidents can occur in almost any kind of vessel. Maritime workers may also be at risk of brain injuries when they are struck by heavy equipment or debris. A maritime worker with a brain injury may suffer severe limitations in his ability to perform his job adequately. In case of a moderate or severe brain injury, the worker may be unable to return to his former job, leading to extreme financial stress. Brian Beckcom is a maritime lawyer, who represents crewmembers injured in cruise ship, towboat, cargo vessel, tanker and container ship accidents across the globe. If you have been injured on a vessel, contact the maritime lawyers at Vujasinovic and Beckcom for a free evaluation of your case. You can also download a copy of this report: The Insider's Guide to Winning Your Maritime Injury Case.

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