Do You Need Images in Your Legal Blog?

We may be legal writers at Myers Freelance, but an important part of your legal blog is its images. The decision to use images or not is going to be one of the first decisions you make, and you will follow through on that decision or change course on every legal blog post you add to your law firm’s website. That’s why we occasionally cover images on our legal marketing blog. While we’ve delved into the many sides of the story in past posts and covered much of what needs to be said, we’ve never brought all of that material into one place that weighs all the pros and cons against each other. Here’s where we do just that. Why You Shouldn’t Include Images in Your Legal Blog Posts Many attorneys get paid to tell their clients about the potential risks they might face if they follow certain lines of conduct, so we’ll cover the risks of adding an image to your legal blog article, first. Copyright Infringement Claims Perhaps the most important…

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