Do you have to get a lawyer to get divorced in Indiana?

Saw this question posted on Quora. If you’re a divorce lawyer in Indiana, should you answer it? Should you go looking for questions like this for your practice area or jurisdiction? My take:Answering questions on forums probably won’t bring in a lot of business. More importantly, the business it does bring probably won’t be high quality.  Yes, there are exceptions. You might indeed get some decent clients this way. If you’re just starting out or you otherwise have the time to troll through forums and answer questions, why not?Just don’t make this your primary marketing method.On the other hand, there are some very good reasons why visiting forums and answering questions can be a good use of your time. You’ll get to learn what people want to know about the law in your practice area. You’ll see the words they use to describe their situation, their pain, and their desired outcomes. This can help you write more effective marketing…

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