Do You Have A Cruise Accident Story to Tell?

Our law firm has been listening to cruise ship accident stories for more than 25 years. We’ve heard thousands. Some stories are so commonplace, we could probably finish the sentences of the people on the other end of the phone. Some stories are so shocking that we remember the details of the calls years later. Even though there are similarities between all of these stories, each one is unique. And that’s the main reason why we ask for people to call in to our cruise ship injury law firm if they’ve been hurt in a cruise ship accident, tender accident or shore excursion accident. Each of those stories is different and the details that make up those stories can play a key role when it comes time to file a lawsuit against the cruise lines. We also ask people to call in because many will be hesitant to ‘tell their story’ thinking that they were at fault — and it was not the fault of the cruise line or its employees. In many cases, people will…

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