Do UVA Law’s Alternative Spring Break, Just Not for the Reason I Did

I will admit it. I was not excited for UVA Law’s Alternative Spring Break (ASB). I had signed up for less than altruistic reasons. Namely, I had registered because it seemed like an efficient way to knock out the forty hours of pro bono needed to receive a Public Interest Law Association grant for the summer. I have admittedly niche public interest law goals; I want to work in Jewish communal advocacy, and not surprisingly all the ASBs were hosted at more traditional public interest locations (public defense, legal aid, and the like). Thus, while most of the ASBs were in other cities, I decided to work at the location closest to my apartment, the Legal Aid Justice Center, which is a ten-minute walk away. The Sunday before I was to report to the LAJC I was full of dread. I envisioned a week of doing mindless, low-level work, which seemed even more mind-numbing after having worked on my law journal tryout all weekend. I inwardly contemplated bailing on the entire ASB.…

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