Do It Yourself Bankruptcy Software Is A Trap

Good intentions and a good education are apparently not enough for Upsolve to get the means test right. Upsolve describes itself as a non-profit, created by Harvard Law School graduates, whose mission is to “help low-income Americans in financial distress get a fresh start through Chapter 7 bankruptcy at no cost.” Admirable, so far. Until you read this drivel about the means test. When Congress changed the bankruptcy laws in 2005, income requirements were added to prevent bankruptcy abuse. You can file under Chapter 7, but if your income exceeds a certain amount in California, you are not eligible for a bankruptcy discharge. Poppycock.  A good bankruptcy lawyer could tell you so in a heartbeat. And yet,  someone with a heart beat wrote this promo for a piece of software. (“Software” wasn’t my first choice of words, here.) Sadly, the public will be mislead to their detriment. Means test misrepresented The means…

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