Do Friends & Family Have a Role to Play When Interviewing an Attorney?

To answer a question with a question: “Isn’t the sensible answer ‘No’?” After all, people contemplating divorce are not children. This is an entirely adult decision made by an adult who decided to marry in the first place. The prospective client is the person living the marriage with all of its advantages and disadvantages. No matter how close the friend or family member, that person is not living the marriage. In the past, my feelings on this subject were mixed and colored by the breadth of friends and family brought to these meetings.  In many instances, the guest is more adamant that there needs to be a divorce than the spouse doing the interview.  This can be especially true of parents who will often confess during an interview that he or she never liked the marriage or the other spouse in the first place. Rule #1 is consider carefully who to bring and what motivates you to invite that person.  Recently, I had an initial…

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