Do certain jobs make couples more likely to divorce?

There are plenty of reasons why people consider getting divorced in Phoenix and elsewhere. Infidelity, growing apart, financial struggles, and different parenting styles are some of the often-cited reasons why people decide to end their marriages. Generally, when people think about what couples do for a living– in the context of a divorce– they likely think of how each partner’s job and salary may impact whether one spouse will be required to pay the other one spousal support, also known as alimony. In addition, if the divorcing couple has minor children, the couple’s jobs would be important in determining the amount of child support one may pay to the other. But it turns out that a divorcing couple’s jobs can not only impact the factors of a divorce like spousal or child support—but certain jobs can apparently also actually drive the couple toward divorce.A statistician reportedly determined, by combing U.S. Census data, that the following…

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