divorcing and disabled

me and my spouse have been married for 24 years we have an 18 year old son,In May 3 years ago we separted.. My husband his put 500 dollars in my banking account every Friday since the separtion,I have kidney failure for about 10 years and is on treatments 3 times a week. He also pays our car insurance,the car a drive is new and in his name and his truck is in my name and he has recently paid off and i refuse to give him the title,because i don't think i should have too.Me and my son live at our home which is in both our names,my husband his now recently moved in with another women and wants a divorvce! Can I get alimony and will all this money he has giving my be consided in the divorce? He his told me that he will give me the house and my car,But I have to also give him the title of his truck in my name? I have only worked a couple years since the marriage it just seemed easier for my husband to work 3 or 4 jobs to support us, will that be consided since I am sick? thanks

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