Divorce Vs Annulment

Multiple Options to End Your Marriage When it comes to ending your marriage, there are multiple options at your disposal. You can choose divorce or you can choose annulment. The question remains, which is better and which is right for you? Each comes with potential benefits and possible drawbacks, and each fits different circumstances. No two situations are ever the same, so what works for one case may not work in another. Divorce may be the right choice in one instance, while annulment works perfectly for another. Divorce is by far the more common choice. The biggest reason for this is because you almost always have to meet certain qualifications to receive an annulment. But if you do qualify for an for one, the proceedings are often faster, cheaper, and more favorable in the end. Before you consider a divorce, you should look to see if you fall under the categories that allow for annulment. Different states have different sets of rules about qualifying for annulment.…

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