Divorce Tips for Men

If you are a man, you’ve probably heard plenty of divorce war stories. You may have heard about wives who took their husbands to the cleaners, husbands who were driven to bankruptcy, and perhaps the worst, fathers who were victims of parental alienation. Have these things really happened? Sure, they have, but that doesn’t mean that any of these things have to happen to you. We know, sometimes the thought of a “divorce” makes men scared straight. Suddenly, they imagine living in a tiny apartment in a bad neighborhood eating Ramen noodles, paying a fortune in child support, and barely getting to see their kids. Meanwhile, their ex-wives make out like bandits. We’re telling you, the fear is REAL, but it doesn’t have to turn into reality. Instead, let’s envision a much brighter post-divorce future for you. As divorce attorneys, we represent men and women every day and no, we do not lean towards one gender over the…

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