Divorce: is it the only option?

Divorce rates have been gradually increasing since record began, and recently this increase is quicker than ever; when looking at the statistics it can seem like the amount of happy marriages is lower than those that end in divorce. Before considering divorce though, there are several alternative and preventative actions that can be taken with the aim of saving the relationship. Sometimes though, these don’t work and consulting a divorce lawyer to reach a mutually agreed divorce settlement is the only way. This article explores some of the options:

Counselling and mediation:

Though this may seem like an obvious suggestion, many troubled couples ignore the possibility of external counselling when problems arrive. A neutral, removed third party can help you see the problem in perspective, as well as providing unbiased solutions to help resolve it. Counsellors are also trained in teaching communication, and may be able to prevent problems from arising in the future.

    Trial separations:


A break can be helpful if problems persist. A trial separation implies that divorce is being considered, but only after seeing what life without your partner is like. Sometimes the time apart from each other can make you realise that the argument is dwarfed by your love for each other, and can lead to its resolution.

Spending time together:

Often a busy work life can reduce the time couples spend together, which will inevitably lead to problems. Marriage arises from the desire to be with a person, and when this need is not fulfilled, resentment for the things keeping you apart can easily be projected onto your partner (“you spend so much time at work!”). Taking the time out to do activities with your partner can facilitate communication and hopefully rekindle the damaged relationship.

When divorce is the only option:

If you’ve tried these remedies and the marriage is still going downhill, divorce may be the best option. The legal process of divorce is complex, and it is advised that a professional family law solicitor be consulted to reach the best outcome for everyone involved. Matters to be discussed include (but are not limited to) division of possessions, custody of children (where applicable), and financial assistance.

A divorce lawyer is trained to help deal with these issues and ensure everyone is satisfied with the outcome of the legal proceedings.

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  1. Actually, I believe that if you really love the person you long your life with you will never let him/her to separate you with. Counseling is a great options, sometimes asking someone to give you suggestions or their opinion, can make really big help. Another thing is spending your time together this is the greatest point stated here, there’s no har on trying, it will really make something new with both of you. Just stick on making a settlement and assurance to each other. Great job cmdl!

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