Divorce Mistakes That Can Cost You

Some couples think they can do their own divorce without lawyers. This is called a pro se divorce, which means the party represents themselves. Often, they later discover they have made a costly mistake, particularly if there are children involved, there are un-divided assets or they had retirement benefits. For those people with uncomplicated property or no children, pro se divorce can work, but for the vast majority of other clients, the cost of having lawyers fix what’s wrong can be more expensive than if they had had the expertise of lawyers helping them during their divorce. And sadly, some errors or omissions cannot be fixed after the fact. Identifying and Dividing Retirement Benefits Even if an asset is in one person’s name, such as retirement benefits, if the property was acquired during the marriage, it is presumed by law to be community property. At the time of the divorce, people who are pro se often choose the easiest option in the online or law…

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