Divorce Checklist: What to Discuss with a Lawyer

Unfortunately, divorce is a complicated process. Even when it’s for the best, it can still take quite a bit of emotional energy and effort to complete. For some, the fear of the process and the financial disentanglement is what holds them back from filing a much-needed divorce. The good news is that with the right education and preparation, the process is less mindboggling, less daunting and easier to confront. Child custody, child support and spousal support obligations, property division, auto loans, health insurance, pensions, 401(k)s, and even determining “who” gets the dogs – it can all be a bit overwhelming, but much like preparing for a test or a final exam, the more you know and understand, the more confident you’ll be throughout your divorce. Luckily, an experienced and compassionate divorce attorney can help alleviate your legal stresses, and if you’re fearful of being bullied by your spouse during the…

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