Divorce Checklist: Planning For A Divorce

As divorce attorneys in Augusta, Georgia, every day, we talk with people who are thinking about, or in the process of, going through a divorce. Of course, you don't have to be a divorce lawyer to realize that it might be helpful, if you are contemplating a divorce, for you to take steps to be prepared for it. Here are a couple of practical tips for you to consider and for you to discuss with your own divorce attorney: 1. GATHER FINANCIAL RECORDS: If you are seriously considering a divorce, then you need to begin gathering all your financial records. For instance, go ahead and try to put your hands on copies of your house deed, car titles, job earnings statements, (for both you and your spouse), credit card and loan documents, and copies of retirement account statements. These documents will help you and your divorce lawyer to size up your financial situation, as you plan for your divorce. 2. PLAN A BUDGET: If you are thinking about getting a divorce, you also should sit down and plan a budget composed of what your expected monthly living expenses will be following the divorce. Although some items, such as rent, groceries, or utilities, will be difficult to project, (especially if you are uncertain about where you will live), preparing a budget will at least help you to begin the process of estimating how much you will need to get by on. Then, you will be in a better position to know how much money you will need to seek when you begin to discuss alimony, property division, and child support issues with your divorce attorney. Going through divorce is almost never easy. But I hope these practical divorce tips will help you focus on how to prepare, as you prepare for your own divorce!

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