Divorce books go digital

Making divorce resources available as widely as possible has always been something that Woolley & Co has strived to do. Our website is not only a shop window for our services in terms of informing people about what we do and giving transparent pricing, but also (we hope) a useful library of information. From articles to press releases to these blogs, providing information to help steer people through the divorce process is high on the list of priorities. Over the past few years, we have published (and republished due to popular demand!) two books: Surviving Family Conflict and Divorce and Exploring the Myths about Divorce and Separation. Both are handy guides, provided free either in hard copy on request or downloadable as pdfs directly from our website. One leads the reader through the process of getting a divorce, covering all common considerations to hopefully dispel some of the fears they may have. The second, as the name suggests, picks up on common misconceptions surrounding divorce and presents the facts. For instance, there is no such thing as commonlaw man and wife. As of this week, we have also made them available as e-book downloads on Kindle and the iBookstore. You might think that as they are already available online for free, this is unnecessary. However, having the publication tailored to these two growing channels seemed like a sensible step. And judging by the interest we have had so far, it seems people do want content tailored to their iphone, ipad or Kindle reader. Because of the way the system works on Kindle, there is a small charge of 0.86p. We were not allowed to offer them for free. Still a bargain. You can view them on Amazon here and here. On the iBookstore, they are both free (though at the time of writing, gremlins were plaguing one of them. Hopefully this is fixed by the time you read this.) Making the books available in this way fits with the ongoing ethos of the firm to harness the latest technology to give the best service to customers and ensure as much information as possible is available to inform them of the divorce process. Whether we will see huge number of downloads, I am not sure. It is certainly not designed as an additional revenue stream but hopefully it will again emphasise to other firms my belief that the way to success in our changing market is to offer more to clients than just legal consultation. Andrew Woolley Family Solicitor

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  1. Hiro says:

    I am a naive June Cleaver. I signed two rpaeps…trusting my hubby who does all the finances. Now we are 35K in equity debt. I signed the paper work and trusted him. We are 28 years maradried with a 11 year old adopted child and tow bios over the age of 23> i have his SSB . H eis Retired AF. I am hurt and heis shut down because I told him I trusted him. Fouradteen years difadferadence. He has us so in debtladllI am devastateed..ideas??/

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