Divorce Arbitration: An Alternative to Traditional Fault Divorce

Traditional divorce, which in most cases is fault divorce, is viewed as a time-consuming and an expensive way to end a marriage. Couples who once shared everything together suddenly find themselves as mortal enemies, fighting to divide the life they built for themselves. To avoid this life-shattering process, divorce arbitration has become a common tool to resolve the many legal issues that typically arise in the separation process. Divorce attorneys, like Anthony Carbone, are increasingly viewing divorce arbitration as an alternative to a court divorce trial which can become ugly at times. This increasingly used way of taking on divorce can help couples avoid a time-consuming and expensive trial. In many cases, these trials can drag one of the parties involved through the proverbial mud in a very public matter. Divorce arbitration is a more efficient, private, and cost-effective way to settle a divorce. This process helps once-in-love couples retain control over life decisions…

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