Divorce, Anger Management, and Driving Cars Through Courthouses

Have you ever gotten so angry that you have completely lost control of your temper and every shred of your common sense? Divorce can apparently do that to some people. According to news reports, a South Georgia bailiff, reportedly angry about a recent divorce, got so angry that he attempted to drive his Mercedes through a courthouse entrance. Fortunately, a brick planter stopped his futile effort. But unfortunately, the poor man now reportedly faces criminal charges, in addition to whatever problems got him so upset about his divorce. As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we see it all. We often see folks who maintain an incredible calmness, even while their angry, worthless spouses harass and bedevil them. But we also sometimes see people get as mad as wet hens when they are wronged by their spouses, or exes. And we also sometimes see people held in contempt of court because of their anger management issues. The point is that you should get control, and get help, but not get even. Another related point is that, if you are going through a divorce, you should never let your temper get you into trouble. Then, you still have your original problems, plus, like this poor South Georgia man, you also have your new problems, too! And that may include having to get your Mercedes fixed, too!

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