Dive into the Supreme Court Case Requiring Police to Get Warrant for your Cell Phone Location Data

Carpenter v. United States – Supremes require police to get a warrant if they want your cell phone location data.The United States Supreme Court just decided what is widely viewed as a major privacy case.  As a result, of the close decision (5-4), the Government will need to obtain a search warrant in order to access your cell phone location data.  In the case before the Supreme Court, the Government had obtained Mr. Carpenter's cell phone location data without a search warrant, according to a federal law permitting law enforcement to obtain such records simply on a showing of what amounted to potential relevance to an investigation.Wait, you mean they didn't need a warrant before?Perhaps you are a bit surprised that this was even an issue.  How would the Government be able to get access to your personal cell phone records without some kind of warrant, you may well ask.And the answer, until a few days ago, was that strictly speaking, the cell phone…

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