Distance Degree in Law – Knowing the Terms of Practice

Are you dreaming a career in law? If yes then, would you like to earn the degree via distance learning? Before you answer this particular question, let me make you aware that, earning an online degree though is not a difficult task, yet is a challenging one. The American Bar Association (ABA) that ensures an accreditation allowing the candidates to sit for the bar exam do not offer its accreditation to online law schools offering distance learning courses. However, 49 states in America complies with the idea of earning an ABA accredited degree to sit for the bar exam for practicing law in the particular state.

Well, do not despair, as this stringency does not guard you from pursuing a distance degree in law. California stands as the sole state that offers a ticket to distance learning degree holders to sit for their bar exam provided you meet certain requirements. While choosing on your online law program, always make sure that you are enrolling in an accredited course. The Concord University School of Law and Northwestern California University are known to be the two most noted universities for their distance learning courses in law. If you live in California or is ready to relocate then, the doors of become a practicing lawyer in the state is open for you.

Earning an online law degree and practicing in California for few years opens for you the door to practicing law in other states. However, this is bound by certain prerequisites and it is essential for you to know those in order to become a successful lawyer with a degree earned through distance learning. If you wish to take the California Bar exam, it is essential for you to meet some prerequisite that is set by the State Bar of California or Committee of Bar Examiners. Several steps ensuring that you meet the preset conditions guides you road to becoming a lawyer, even with a degree earned through distance learning course.

It is essential for every law student to complete his or her pre-legal education for obtaining a seat in the bar. The minimum requirement set by the committee states that the students must complete a minimum two years college-level work equaling to 60 semester credits with a GPA equal or above the graduation requirement. Students with an online degree in law are open to sit for the bar exam, provided they have received 864 hours of study each year through a distance program registered with the committee. Since, the committee does not ensure the quality standards of the program, it is essential for you to check the schools registered with the committee.

You also need to register as a student with the State Bar of California before taking any exam. You also need to qualify the first year law exam covering the basics of the discipline. Before practicing law, you need to obtain a character certificate, which is offered after a thorough evaluation from the committee. Following this, you need to qualify the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination that tests your skills in proper lawyer conduct. Last but never the least, you need to qualify the bar exam alongside meeting other requirements for being eligible to practice law in California, with a degree earned via distance learning courses.

Well, pursuing a degree in law through distance learning courses certainly makes sense for those who are bound by personal and professional commitments for enrolling at a traditional course. However, this also restricts you to a certain state before you spread to other states; therefore, know the liabilities before you set to make the journey a worthwhile experience. 

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