Dirty Laundry: A Mesothelioma Journey No Family Should Face

Have you ever heard the phrase “cancer isn’t a person’s diagnosis, it’s a family’s diagnosis”? Mesothelioma may be considered “rare” and may only be diagnosed in approximately 3,000 Americans each year, but when you also consider the number of families this terminal diagnosis affects, its devastation is far-reaching. For Conor Lewis and Zack Johnson, the first time they learned about mesothelioma (other than seeing a random, late-night commercial for mesothelioma lawsuits on the television), was when a loved one was diagnosed. Conor and Zack had never comprehended the deadliness of mesothelioma and how it is directly caused by asbestos because they hadn’t needed to. Not until their grandmother, Iva Lewis, was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in 2012. “We weren’t shocked at the time, rather the shock came when we learned just how she got mesothelioma,” said Conor in an article by the Asbestos Disease…

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