DIRS Exercise Happening This Week (Aug. 23-24)

On Aug. 15 many broadcast stations received an e-mail from the FCC regarding a Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) exercise scheduled for later this week: Aug. 23-24. The DIRS keeps track of the status of both broadcast and non-broadcast communications facilities during natural disasters, including whether a facility is operating, the availability of electric power, and efforts to repair damaged equipment and restore service to the public. During last year’s violent hurricane season, the FCC kept DIRS active for extended periods to keep track of which communications facilities were and were not operational. While participation is voluntary, we at FHH think that you may want to consider going through the DIRS exercise. The information compiled by DIRS may lead to timely availability of fuel, power, and other things you may need to keep generators running to stay on the air or to rebuild damaged facilities in the event of an actual disaster in the future. Stations…

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