Dewey B Analog? Announcing the First Annual Dewey B Strategic Blog-o-zine

Dear Colleagues and readers you must be asking yourselves: What is a Blog-o-zine? It is word I made up to describe a print publication which includes  “best of” selection of  Dewey B Strategic  blog in 2017. Why a print blog-o-zine?“  I, who have been an unrelenting advocate for digital information consumption have now pivoted to embrace a print representation of my 2017 blog posts?  The bottom line is that  I want to make my content accessible to more readers and to put it into a format which more easily “browse–able“ for lawyers, researchers and legal information innovators who want to review a recent snapshot of the legal information landscape. What inspired this? I had two epiphanies on the print versus digital issue in 2017. After 7 years of blogging it has become more difficult for me to locate my prior blogs. After I moved from the Blogger platform to Lexblog which uses WordPress, my earlier posts…

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