Determining an educator's "seniority" for the purposes of reinstatement from a preferred list

In the event teaching positions are consolidated or abolished by a school district or a BOCES the services of the teacher having the least seniority in the system within the tenure area of the position that has been abolished shall be discontinued. In contrast, where the same or a similar vacancy becomes available and its to be filled, teachers are to be recalled for reinstatement "in the order of their length of service in the system" without reference to the tenure area in which that service was performed.*A teacher [Educator] certified in elementary education and special education commenced working for the employer [School Board] in 2007 and was employed in a variety of positions including serving as a probationary elementary education teacher. While serving as a probationary elementary education teacher Educator was "excessed" and her name was placed on "a preferred eligible list of candidates" from which individuals would be selected for…

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