Despite What Zuckerberg’s Testimony May Imply, AI Cannot Save Us

Yesterday and today, Mark Zuckerberg finally testified before the Senate and House, facing Congress for the first time to discuss data privacy in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. As we predicted, Congress didn’t stick to Cambridge Analytica. Congress also grilled Zuckerberg on content moderation—i.e., private censorship—and it’s clear from his answers that Facebook is putting all of its eggs in the “Artificial Intelligence” basket. But automated content filtering inevitably results in over-censorship. If we’re not careful, the recent outrage over Facebook could result in automated censors that make the Internet less free, not more. Facebook Has an “AI Tool” For Everything—But Says Nothing about Transparency or Accountability Zuckerberg’s most common response to any question about content moderation was an appeal to magical “AI tools” that his team would deploy to solve any and all…

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