You can be deported From US without proper immigration documents

Many foreign nationals regularly enter Fort Lauderdale for various purposes. Some enter the country purely for traveling purpose while others go there for business reasons. Many people among them have intention to stay there permanently. But whatever is their intention they have to prepare immigration documents likewise.


Without appropriate visa it won’t be possible to enter any state of US or work there. As every case of immigration is different from others, taking help from friends will not be of much help. It is best to consult an immigration lawyer. He will understand your requirements and prepare visa in that way.


If you do not have a proper visa, US government can start removal process against you. It is not that a case of deportation is started only when you do not possess proper documents. There are several reasons for which the government can start removal process. Some common reasons are

       Involvement in drug cases

       Overstaying visa tenure

       Presenting false documents

       Marrying someone to get special advantages

       And many others


You may be involved in these types of cases if you are not aware of the US immigration laws. But consult with an experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney as soon as removal process begins against you.

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